Pub Crawl


A city where they make the rehearsal of the chimes for the new year eve the night before, grapes and cava included and where the official celebration of the 31st is repeated an hour later, to welcome the new year to a region that is in the middle of the sea, has to be a city that likes a lot the party … and that’s Madrid!

That’s why we have the best clubs offer for you, so you don’t believe what we are telling, but so that you can prove it for yourself!

Let’s call it Pub Crawl, Bar tour or better let’s call it “let’s have a great time, making new friends while touring the best places in Madrid”; but whatever you call it, the truth is that you can not leave Madrid without knowing its nightlife!

Our city is not only famous for its art and history but also its cuisine, its “march” and the spectacular and fun of its premises.

In our Pub Crawl we’ll take you to three of the best bars in Madrid, so you get in the mood, converse, meet people and then end up with your traveling companions or with the new friends you have made, dancing the music of the moment, in some of the best party halls in the city.

Madrid is the city that never sleeps … are you going to miss it?


All the Clubs we work with open until 6 AM

  • Tuesday: STAR COYOTE
  • Wednesday: JOY ESLAVA
  • Thursday: KAPITAL
  • Friday and Saturday: MOONDANCE


Additional information:

  • Wednesday and Thursday, we apply a dress code as requirements of the clubs themselves
  • On Fridays and Saturdays, we may change the clubs but we notify you in advance
  • On Thursdays, the cost of the Pub Crawl is € 25


15€ / 25€ Thursdays

  • Start time: 23:30
  • Ending time: 06:00


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